There and back again.

I am sure that we all recall my exciting computer history: Using a 7-year old PowerMac on a dinky 15″ gateway LCD monitor, then buying a happy little 22″ LCD for it and immersing myself in that glory… Then buying a Toshiba Vista laptop for school related work.

Well, that was all going around fine and dandy. but as I may have reported earlier, there are some things that old Mac just couldn’t quite do. One of which was stream Netflix movies and watch movies/shows form Hulu in a respectable fashion. When I let Caitlin know that we could easily connect the laptop to the big newish monitor, we started doing that and so now, for awhile, I have been doing the tiresome task of squeezing the laptop onto my desk, switching the monitor (each of the computers use different connectors to hook up to it) and watching stuff through the laptop. Turns out that I got tired of doing that, so yesterday I hatched a nefarious plan…

I moved the Mac! Then I reorganized the desk to have it be for the big monitor and the laptop, and brought the crappy little Gateway monitor out of retirement and moved it into the kitchen with the Mac. I know, sad and true… It felt like we were moving to Vista for the primary computer and relegating the Mac to a secondary role (which, I suppose, is what we did) but it does have its advantages: One, I don’t have to switch things around whenever we want to stream a movie and, two, I now have my beloved Mac all to myself again!

Continuing with the shocking parts though, we trotted off to Best Buy today and I spent money on two things that I dislike (Wireless and Microsoft) and bought a MS Wireless mouse and keyboard. Will the wonders never cease?

Now all that I have to do is move all of my MP3’s from the Mac to the new external hard drive to see if I can utilize that as a media drive for the vista computer. Once I reformat it for use with both…

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