Here we go again

Okay, so I am trying out Windows Live Writer again. I used it last year for some blog, I forget which, and I recall liking it. Since this blog is always somewhat difficult for me to access (I think due to how I have the domain set up), I figured that I’d just give this a shot. Hopefully it doesn’t open up any huge security issues.

So aside from that stunning introduction, here I am jotting away, seemingly oblivious to the fact that I am behind on my schoolwork and should probably be moodling instead. But then again, I am always behind on my school work. I never was much of a person for doing homework so having a school program that is all homework has been an adjustment for me.

And as another completely unrelated comment, I stumbled upon figures for September’s “Social Media” visits at and, while maybe surprised isn’t the right word, I still thought that the results were interesting.

Facebook was number one, with 95 million unique visitors that month, and sadly I saw that people are still using myspace enough to make it number two, but I did feel surprised to see Blogger at number 3 and WordPress at number 4. But the biggest surprise of all was I never thought that anyone had ever used it, but it September it placed 10th with 13.7 million unique visitors. Who’d a thunk it?

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