The turn-coat… Admits it all.

Oh, yes, and as Jon has remineded me… I’ve turned towards the darkside. As we have no TV, all of our computing, TV and movie watching takes place on one glorious computer. A circa-2003 PowerMac G4. While I adore my little old computer, one is not enough for the desires of a fmaily of three… Plus it does, surprise, surprise, have some speed issues. Now that I am in school, my Human Computer Interface class takes me to all sorts of odd websites (one imagines that this is so that we can experience all sorts of different user interfaces)… Well, some of them are too much for this old dog, freezing her right up.

Knowing that I might need to do some school stuff while someone else might want to do some computer stuff or watch something, we relaized that a second computer (possibly even a portable one) was needed. Being broke, not liking laptops anyway, and having my loathing of Windows computers lessen in the last 1.5 years as my work has revolevd around the usage of them, I went as cheap as I could stand and went out (well, as a figure of speech) and bought myself a Toshiba Laptop. What do I think. Well, actually it’s just dandy.

Toshiba at Amazon

Vista doesn’t cause me all of the problems I had envishened, I like the black and dark dark cobalt blue case, it is much faster than our Mac, and it was under $500. And though, of course, the screen is smaller than I would like, I can’t really complain. Plus if I use it during the 2 hours a day I spend sitting on a van commuting, I am much less inclined to fall asleep then if I am trying to read.

But the big point is that my first two computers were Microsoft DOS computers but this is the first of them that I’ve bough since 1993 (I think). I’ve owned seven Mac’s since then (and I’ve lived with two others that I bought and used but weren’t “mine”)… But nary an Intel/AMD chip in sight… So this was a quite change for me. Now if only I can avoid buying all of those RPG’s that I haven’t been able to use…

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