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Ah yes, back at it. Well, the long vacation from Jotunheim will get at least a little reprieve. I have started going to school a few weeks ago and it has been an interesting process. Not only has it been nearly 20 years since I really tried to go to college, but I am going through an “all online” program, which will be an interesting test of my ability to not get distracted. We have the most ridiculous life schedules and so I don’t really have as much time for these 4 classes as I should be devoting to it. But regardless.

Most of the work takes place via a website called “moodle” which is divided up by class and has forums and discussion boards and all of that and I think it is actually pretty cool. Not just the website, but being back in school again too. It actually gives me something to think about and have some interest in… Something that’s been lacking for me for a long time. But what brings me here today is that there is one class that feels the trickiest for me. Tricky as in I have a hard time getting my head into the right kind of thinking that it requires. But I was making a post at a forum there tonight, which, while it wasn’t anything great, I had been having a slow day coming up with anything so it was a relief. I wrote it outside of the Moodle site (as all of the instructors had suggested doing), then I pasted it in, clicked submit and was greeted by the title of this post: “The site is undergoing maintenance and is currently not available”. That and “Moodle will be back shortly. Sorry for any inconvenience” so I’ve learned something already… Post outside of Moodle.

Now my glorious words have survived to be posted again at a later date.

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