Please, let’s send the RIAA away finally…

It’s an exciting week out here. caitlin is done with her job for the Tax department as of yesterday, today I started riding the route 2 commuter van, which
was quite good, very convenient and fairly cheap, and then this week I have began the process of apply for college!

This is easily the biggest thing this week. While I don’t have any fears regarding getting the work done and all of that, and I did have fears about getting amditted (but those have been eased by my conversations with the admission guy, Joe) I now only have to write my letter of intent and get some financial aid lined up! Sadly, due to
our crazy finaicial situation, I do have fears about getting financial aid (the lack of which would kill this idea), but I’m plugging ahead anyway, feeling a level of enthusiasm that is quite unusual for me.

In other news, though I realize that it is similar to many other systems, I find great hope in story that I read today about TuneCore: TuneCore, Amazon Set to Unveil On-Demand CD Sales. TuneCore is a company who will handle pressing and delivery of your CD for $31 per year. Want to put out CD’s of your family singing christmas Carols? Are you Trent Reznor looking to avoid the major label crap? TuneCore is for you! They have partnered with Amazon so that you can buy their press on demand cd’s from amazon and the artist gets the entire amazon payout for it! No nasty record labels or contracts needed! Anyway, the articles goes into more depth, but anytime some proves that the majopr labels aren’t needed gives me a thrill, especially if they do it in a fashion that the big label’s won’t find a way to elimate (poor old, sniff).

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