The world grows bigger

Finally! After the sacrifices we’ve made in the name of space (using a standard ratio 15″ LCD monitor for the last year or so), we finally stepped somewhat up to the plate. As our home monitor functions both as our TV/Movie viewing device and our computer monitor, the little screen was getting unbearable… Especially as my work days for the last 1.5 years have been filled with a decent sized widescreen monitor…

Anyway, we went down to West Lebanon and got a 22″ widescreen LG monitor (trying to keep it all under $200). Thank goodness! Those few extra inches add up to nearly twice the screen area and I suddenly get lost in the screen space! And I was able to successfully switch Q3A to run in 1680 x 1050! Also on this trip we bought Elinor her first DVD (The Secret of Nimh), which we watched about half of, but hopefully tonight I will get around to taking in a good movie!

Speaking of West Lebanon… What’s the thing that makes Vermont look the best? New Hampshire!

No, I know that isn’t fair… But I spend most of my time in New Hampshire immersed in those border town shopping Mecca’s and after those… Well.

We came from quaint and quiet Vermont, went across the river and emerged in a “box store and mall” nightmare that made Caitlin mention “82nd Avenue”. Ugh. Traffic traffic traffic. Fast Food. All sorts of yuck. Then we hopped back on the bridge and less that 5 minutes later were driving a no-traffic highway through fields with cows. Vermont can really seem like bliss.

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