The button down mind

There is an organizetion out the called the 251 club whose members seek to travel to each of Vermont’ 251 townships. While we have come no where near that goal (and in fact don’t even really have that as a goal) this busy weekend found us passing through around 21 of Vermont’s towns. It was quite nice, as I am not too familier with Central Vermont (south of Montpelier, anyway) and so we got to see lots of nice areas. Nice enough, in fact, that we we were thinking again that maybe we don’t need to live in the Kingdom. In fact, especially around routes 125 and route 100, we saw many nice villages that we wouldn’t mind living in.

We were headed on down to Middlebury for a family gathering and took a long and scenic route, as we drive route 2 every day already. Middlebury itself I didn’t like, as it is a bit to thriving, busy and properous for my liking, but the rest of what we saw was pretty nice.

In fact, for a highpoint we visited a site of great historical significace! You see, the party was at the Waybury Inn, the exterior of which stood for Bob’s Inn on Newhart, so that was neat. It is in East Middlebury, which is a nice little village on the old 125. Still a bit busy and pricey but nice. I think that we may be travelling down that way more freqently from now on.

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