just like real life.

Sometimes, I wonder. I have had glasses for two years, which I mainly got due to the terrible headaches that I developed during my “stare at the screens under florescent lighting” workdays. I can safely say that they have made a big improvement. The headaches have gone, for the most part, but I still have some of the nagging, astigmatism-inspired “doublish vision” and still mainly don’t have three dimensional vision. Though I am certainly closer to it then ever before. Psycho-somatically, I sometimes wonder if they had worsened my vision as, when I take them off, things are certainly fuzzier than I ever remember them having been before. But I suspect that is hogwash.

Regardless, sometimes I wonder. But today, though, my daughter took me to my first ever 3-d movie. Even with the 3-D glasses on, my 3-d experience wasn’t completely whole. But, boy… If I took off my glasses an just wore the 3-d ones? It was like not wearing the glasses at all. What a mess. I am very glad that I brought them with me as I briefly had thought about not doing so, “thinking” that having to wear both pairs of glasses at the same time would have been annoying. What a mistake that would have been.

P.s. The Lego Movie was really great. I am ready to watch it again.

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