oh, bother…

Why am I, nearly nine years after my first blog post (All the fake all the time), staring at the Add New Post editor again? There have been a number (6, 7, 8?) of blogs that I’ve started in those years, most of which went nowhere. Realizing I’ve had nothing to say seemed to not be enough to stop me from pretending that I was trying to say something. Finally though, a year or a year and a half ago, I wrote my last three posts. One here, one at the Runescape blog and one about a few movies over at the big blog. Then, there, that. I was done.

Then, today, I found myself again wandering through the blog of a guy I know, Why I Cry, and it led me to think that maybe I would throw another post on here. I don’t know what to post about. The reasons I used for the starting of most of my blogs have moved away from me. I’m not still trying to catalog my movie watching, so there is no need for that blogging anymore. I’m not playing Runescape anymore, so there is no need for that blogging anymore. All I’m doing is family stuff (which I am not going to blog about), looking for a new job (which I don’t want to write about) and selling records, which is already online and isn’t worth adding blogging for.

So, eh? What? Nothing. Hence the new subtitle of this blog. On the other hand, I have found writing to be somewhat therapeutic. While that isn’t how I envision doing anything on this blog, maybe just the process of writing posts here (or even just this one post) will help me along. I don’t know. But here it is.

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