God’s Maggot!!

Aiyee. So here we are. I have moved this blog from its tired old pseudo-spot at jotunheim.penguindevil.com to its own domain… So no more Jotunheim. But I don’t think I’ll change anything else about it… A somewhat more respectable location I think. Plus I hadn’t been doing anything with this domain anyways…

Of course, I am certain that it won’t lead to any upswing in blogging but, you know, who the hell cares? I have other things to contend with… Like commutes, family and a new obsession with Tiny Tower.

Recently, to make room for Christmas, we did away with any pretense of a desk for me at home. Now that it’s gone, I just couldn’t imagine hogging up all that space to put it back. So, without my big monitor and keyboard, I am having to face the reality that I use a dreaded laptop for a computer. I still try to pretend that it isn’t Windows though! And I think I have put an end to my years of failures to accept Ubuntu (most especially now in light of this irritating trend of making GUI’s looks like they are for tablets. Ugh) by installing Lubuntu! I do like it. I have been having some stability issues with the Lubuntu desktop option, but the LDXE is working just fine for me so far… Even if it is a bit dated in appearence, thank the gods.

Also, I have been getting much use out of dropbox lately. I like being able to write something in Writeroom on my phone and have it appear on my home computer, and my computer at work! I keep think it will lead to more writing progress, but, instead, it just leads to more unfinished blogposts being accessible from anywhere.

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