Magic protective sex rocks?

So in the midst of people mispronouncing Oregon yesterday, I had a word flash through my mind, or well, the notion of a word as I remembered the existence of a word, but was unable to remember the word itself. After many failed googles I finally emailed my mother with what information I had…

So I was trying to remember the name of something today. I used to work with this fellow who carried around this stone. It was like a little crystal wrapped in tin foil and wire or somesuch and is was supposed to protect him from cosmic rays or bad vibes or something. it was some kind of metaphysical stone that I thought it was called something like "eurygon", "aurygon", "Orygone" or something like that.

He got the idea from the writing of some 20th century philosopher (who I think had an institute somewhere and was maybe controversial). I thought it was maybe Jung or Steiner or someone… but I am having no luck finding out verifying any of this.

For probably the first time, her knowledge of these strange sort of topics came in handy for me. 

It could of been Reich who coined the word orgone, or something like that. But that was from the Orgone machine that he created, that ended up having powerful radiation that was eventually made illegal, and he was put in prison.  As far as a crystal wrapped in foil, it could of been some offshoot from this.  Reich was a famous psychologist who had some very valid ideas, especially movement techniques that were very helpful for mental problems, and now many people use a variation on his ideas.  I am not so sure about his Orgone machine, however..  He thought that you were getting energy from the spheres or something like that. You were put in this box he had created. 

He called it the Orgone machine.

So thanks to Ma for figuring out who it was that I was trying to think of and their magic protective sex-health-weather rock.

See, a few years back, I worked with this guy who was into odd things like the Japanese government manipulation of our weather by their chemical seeding of jet contrails and it came to light one day that he also carried around a protective rock of some kind. I seem to recall that it was wrapped in foil or somesuch and then bound in wire?  Anyway, what I was trying to think of was what he called that rock. And I now think that it was a modification of an Orgone accumulator and, so then, si why mispronouncing of Oregon is why I remembered it.

Wilhelm Reich believed in a form of energy that he called Orgone, which was the key to human health. He created these metal lined boxes for people to sit in called Orgone Accumulators, which would collect this energy, as per wikipedia:

Reich designed special "orgone accumulators" – devices which ostensibly collected orgone energy from the atmosphere – for purposes as diverse as improvement of general health, increase sexual potency, and weather control.

Orgone and its related concepts were quickly denounced in the post-World War II American press. Reich and his students were seen as a "cult of sex and anarchy," at least in part because orgone was linked with the title of his best-known book The Function of the Orgasm, and this led to numerous investigations as a communist and denunciation under a wide variety of other pretexts… In 1954 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration successfully sought an injunction to prevent Reich from making medical claims relating to orgone, which prevented him from shipping "orgone devices" across state lines. Reich defied the order and was jailed, and the FDA took that opportunity to destroy any of Reich’s books which mentioned orgone, along with research materials and devices.

Honestly, I would assume that he was another quack looking to profess wisdom as a way of attracting the ladies to his therapy couch (and "freeing" them with his magic Orgone energy)… But I think that any statements made by the post-WWII cold-war paranoid American press about anything are generally misleading BS and the level of backlash from the federal government and their attempts to destroy all of his devices and everything he wrote about them does make the conspiracy nerve in me wonder a bit… That and the fact that he died in prison.

And yes, he was also into working with controlling weather via cloud control

This all leads me to a vague recollection of, back in my Robert Anton Wilson days, reading Wilhelm Reich in Hell. I wonder if I still have those books? I could sure do with a rereading of that book and Ishtar Rising: Or, Why the Goddess Went to Hell and What to Expect Now That She’s Returning and also the awfully titled Coincidance.

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