God save me…

Got the mail today… Recently I been browsing the MusicDirect Fall sale catalog and ogling the Denon DP-A100 Turntable (among other things) that is currently 40% off.


Well, so today I got their full 2012 catalog. Oh trinity!!

Pages of wondrous turntable, Tube amps, headphone,s speakers, accessories and an extensive selection of great vinyl reissues… Including those from Mobile Fidelity! Too much want for one 200 page catalog. Sigh, MusicDirect… You scoundrel’s.

Plus, it all serves to remind me that I need to do something about my turntable at some point. I’m not even sure anymore how many years the motor has been dead (or, I’m assuming that is the problem). The Rega motor upgrade that I had been eying for years (which would supposedly up the performance of my 13 year old Planar 2 to more along the lines of a Planar 3) has now be replaced with some $200 upgrade that I just can’t get myself to pay for. While this $1,500 Denon looks temping (and they go up to a crazy Avid turntable that will set you back 20k), I suppose that I will continue to go with the Technics 1200 that I have been borrowing for the last couple of years. Which, mind you, I have no complaints about. I’d just like to have my own, functional,  table again and this all just rubs it in…

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