As I am sure I all well notorious for, I harbor a general dislike for all web browsers, email clients and media players. I recall ones I liked back in the day (Netscape Navigator, Eudora and Soundjam), but those are all long gone (or just too long in the tooth)… So I spend many and hour switching back and forth trying to settle. While currently I use Firefox and Opera for browsers (I would use opera exclusively if it could reliably open all websites), Outlook and Thunderbird for Email, I have basically settled on iTunes for music (except for in the land of Ubuntu). Now, I dislike iTunes as much as the next person, filled with bloat, slower than hell and skittish… but I use it because I like some features of it and, of course, for my iPhone and iPod. I have tried many other players on the market (Foobar, Songbird, Amarok, Clementine, MediaMonkey, Rhapsody, Rhythmbox) and never liked any of them…

But for a long time, I have felt like one day I needed to just switch to Foobar. As long as I can not mess it up… Which can be pretty easy to do.

After screwing up my last install by adding themes that didn’t seem to work and then installing it yesterday again and screwing that up by adding in too many window splits that I couldn’t figure out how to delete, I reinstalled and paid more attention.  And, so far, I am feeling it this time…




And, well, I really like it. It is fast to open, responsive, clean… I like its minimalist appearance, and I am being careful with it! There was some functionality that I felt the need to add… To get my existing playlists and to get the data to last.fm and such… I used the GUI version of iTunes Export to export the playlists that I have in my iTunes install at work and then imported them. I installed the following dll’s:

foo_audioscrobbler (to scrobble to my last.fm profile)

foo_facets (to get the genre,artist, album menus

foo_playcount (to track the songs I play)

And, while the tweaking may be a bit of a bother at first, in the long run, I think that it will be advantageous. I still need to ponder setting it up to work with my iPod, depending mainly on if I can get the last.fm scrobbling from the iPod to work with it. And now that I have imported all of the iTunes playlist, I need to figure out how to change the sort order of the list of playlists because, as you can see from the screenshot, they don’t seem to have been imported in any notable order.

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