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Though, aside from two brief school related visits to the Grad School, I had only made it to Brattleboro once before… Six years ago. I have, since that visit, thought of Brattleboro as the place to go to shop for records… At least in the 2+ years I have lived in Vermont… So going down last weekend, while it was exciting for the school graduation that was the main reason for going, and also exciting for the social visiting, I couldn’t help but think about shopping for records. The only record store there that I knew of, Turn It Up Records, I had a positive recollection of, so that was goal number one. However, when we drove into town, I saw another store which, just as the luck of the draw became the first store I stopped at. In the end, the only store as I never did make it to turn it up, because In The Moment Records was just what I had been looking for.

It’s was really a great little store. It matched my three favorite records store criteria: All vinyl, new and used and a Metal section… The chap working there was knowledgeable,  quite nice and conveniently up for discussing all those important topics from Metal to Blues to the quality of vinyl. Plus they had quite a few records that I already had, which is a good sign, and in better condition than mine, which was an even better sign. I was especially tempted by better condition copies of BöC’s Secret Treaties. But I avoided them…

Luckily, I didn’t avoid all of the records! I did pick up four of them:


Wolfsbane? Well, I don’t know. Though I am generally looking for Metal LP’s of an earlier vintage, the fact that it was such an early Def American release (1989), I figured I’d give it a shot for 5 bucks.


Witch is apparently a somewhat local band to Brattleboro which the record guy sold me on. Oddly enough I actually listened it before buying! I thought it was pretty good doomish metal. I was a bit put off by the sound of the vocals and the fact that J. Mascis was in the band, but I liked the sound of the music, so I bought it anyway.

Hallow's Victim

Saint Vitus is a band I’ve been listening to quite a bit lately. I don’t have any of their vinyl and this is normally the kind of band that I would only want original vinyl of, but… I was tempted by the New copies of their records that he had in stock. As he didn’t have the self-titled record, I opted for this copy of Hallow’s Victim.

Stomping On A Saturday Night

Blues can be even harder for me to find records that I want than Metal is. But as I have an electronic copy of Blind John Davis’ 1938, when I found this Blind John Davis record, Stomping on a Saturday Night. I just had to have it!

All in all, a great trip and a very satisfying record shopping experience. Unfortunately, the town was hit with severe flooding, courtesy of Irene, the very next day. So I hope that all is well with the record store guy, and everyone else down there.

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