Hot and Nasty…

Not that I think much of being a coffee consumer, I must admit that I am one. Though my scope is generally limited to the free coffee at work and French-pressed Chock Full O’ Nuts during the weekend at home…I do still have my standards.

I am, after all, at work where the general public is actually expected to pay for this stuff. Funnily enough, yesterday there was an elderly old Vermonty couple (old vermonty as in, the gentleman was wearing a bowtie) at the coffee and they saw the “fancy” labels, Black River Roasters Organic Mexico, and they asked, “Where is the regular coffee”? I wanted to warn them, oh don’t be dismayed, that coffee will taste pretty damned regular.

The free drip coffee at work is really just terribly inconsistent. It varies from hot to lukewarm, from alright to terrible and sometimes the lesser charitable side to myself feels downright indignant about it! Shaaassh!! What is this? Though this morning’s cup is lukewarm, the above mentioned Killdozer song, “Hot N Nasty” was the first thing that jumped into my head. Which, I suppose, isn’t bad as frequently another Killdozer lyric (this one about coffee specifically) comes to mind while struggling to down this first cup…

You call this cup of shit coffee?

I’d rather drink from the dick of a goat

Anyway, this is all just some excuse for dilly-dallying. I am only three days into my 30 Days 30 Song challenge, even though something like 35 days have elapsed since it started… I continue to be years behind on the movie blog… But I have been reading the blog of a gal I used to know, Heidelfinc, and while it is one of those personal blogs that aren’t usually aren’t really my thing, I am really quite enjoying it. I think I (well, both the wife and I) am feeling a strong lack of hominess in our lives and so I am actually getting into reading the daily trials of home of family of someone I used to know. Plus, and more to the point of this, I has made me feel self-conscious about how rarely I contribute to my own collection of blogs. Sigh.

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