Upgrade, schmupgrade… or We Fear Change.

So I’ve been troubled for months by the most recent Last.fm upgrade. I upgraded it at the beginning of November and, ever since, scrobbling my iPod plays has been hit or miss. Sometimes it won’t happen at all, sometimes it takes an hour, sometimes only some of the songs scrobble… The process got more elaborate than it had been before and even patiently waiting for those steps it still only works now and then. I even sunk down and upgraded iTunes (which I am always loathe to do) back then and it didn’t help. On my other login (the one through which I manage my iPhone) it works somewhat better, and much faster, but I am still frequently greeted with no, or incomplete, results. It did lead me to cancel my last.fm subscription. Which is too bad, but I just can’t justify it if one of my most basic needs from the service isn’t working and I am really surprised that with the number of folks complaining about the same problem that they can’t figure out which change it was that they made that messed things up.

Also, Ubuntu came out with it’s new version recently, Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal, and I am not enthused. Though I have yet to try it, I am finding Ubuntu 10.10 to be almost too “user friendly”, already as I like there to be something for me to do with my OS!

While I generally fear the changes that each new version of Ubuntu might bring, the new version of Gnome really just takes the cake. I don’t like Aqua, I don’t like whatever microsoft calls the Vista and W7 Gui’s… They are flashy and bloated. But now a snazzy new Gnome? Looking at screenshots of it make me feel quite certain that I don’t want to upgrade to it. Which, of course, means that my Linux install will either start becoming more and more outdated, or I need to switch to a different flavor of Linux. But, oh, soo many to choose from, none of which I have tried. Slackware seems like the best choice, but Lime seems well thought of… Anyway. I suppose I’ll need to figure something out soon. If only everything would just stay the same…

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