Excuses, excuses. aka… 30 days, 30 songs: day one

This is all a ridiculous idea. Firstly I don’t much like the questions and, secondly, picking just one song for each of these will be trying… But, here goes!

For those that don’t recall, this is my stab at the Facebook 30 Days 30 Songs Challenge.

Day 1: Favorite Song.

Currently my favorite song is Morphine’s French Fries with Pepper from their Like Swimming album. Yet another wonderful slow baritone piece from these guys.


I’ve been listening to Morphine’s Cure for Pain album for many, many years, but I never gave their other stuff a listen (my standard old sob story) until a year or two ago. Since then though, Like Swimming has become my favorite album of theirs and there is just something I that I find very soothing about this song.

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