Oh, this was good…

I know it’s been discussed to death already, but still…

“…the risk of a terrorist attack is so infinitesimal… that it doesn’t make rational sense to accept the suspension of liberty for the sake of avoiding a statistical anomaly.”

This is from a nice, rational and realistic editorial at the Oklahoma Daily A nude awakening — TSA and privacy.

The author obviously (and rightfully) feels very strongly about the assortment of wrongs that are our current TSA tactics, but, aside from just ranting, he also quotes some relevant legal precedenct and Benjamin Franklin… And he also make quite a few quote worthy statements himself: “we are instead enraptured by xenophobic obscurantism that perverts our sense of risk, enables the abrogation of liberty and leaves us vulnerable to a self-defeating national policy that plays into the hands of terrorists.” and “We are a passive audience trapped in a theater of the absurd — apparently too absorbed in brilliantly orchestrated drama to realize it’s all just a play.”, among others.

The author raises some good points, especially “If we can justify the imposition of invasive force and the volitional sacrifice of rights based upon a single historical aberration, where do we draw the line the next time a terrorist attack happens?”. I haven’t heard this issue brought up before, but it does seem relevant. Quite relevant. In this drive towards “security” are they going to try and protect us from every danger? Obviously not, as their only concern seems to be airline passengers. In this last nine years of Airline terrorist paranoia, how many terrorist attempts have been foiled by these methods? How many water bottles and nail files were confiscated at the security check points from terrorists who had lethal intentions for them?

I imagine that it goes without saying that all of these TSA and National Security tactics aren’t about National Security or the protection of our citizens anyway, rather just heavy-handed attempts to keep the people in line and too scared of the outside world to really contemplate the actions of our country overseas… I am always glad to read well reasoned articles like this as, even if they don’t make any difference, it is reassuring to continually remind ourselves of the fear, ignorance and banality that the government feels the need to immerse the general public in.

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