Like? Dislike? Eh, who cares…

After the newest update came down my wires a couple of days ago, I found myself unable to scrobble from my iPod. And generally unable to scrobble from itunes at all. Now I am used to these sort of intermittent problems with’s software, so what always throws me off in times like these is that I loathe the thought of upgrading to the new itunes… Each new version of it.

It’s a bit giant horrid piece of bloat. I was a fair bit behind in versions (still being at 9.2) but, alas, I did update it in the hopes that would save my Well? It did.

The new itunes has a new look, which I think I might actually like better than the old one, but it also looks a bit fuzzier, so I’m not sure. But, as always, it is now bloated (or “packed”) with more new “features” added to the old new features that I didn’t want anyway: Ping, TV, Radio, Genius… All I want is something nice and functional to play my mp3’s with, but this things gets more bloated with features every time they update it.

Why do I use it? Well, because it still is better for me than anything else I have found. I’ve tried Songbird, WMP, Winamp, Rhythmbox… I just don’t like any of them! While I’m griping, I also don’t like Firefox or Thunderbird. Or most any other browser or email client… Except for maybe Opera. I’m all for updating these programs to keep them technologically up to date, but I just get so tired of new features. I wish that someone would right sleek and modern software that just gets the job done (and doesn’t look like crap), without pasting on all sorts of features that most people won’t use.

I think that is what I really like about the Kindle. There’s no flash or gimmick to it. You can load things on it and read them. I hear a lot of negative comparisons of it to the iPad and such… They just do so much more! Well, if I am getting something to read books on, I don’t want it to do so much more with it. I want to read books on it. Like I don’t want to watch TV on my MP3 player, or listen to music on my phone, or open a PDF in my web browser.

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