Ending the future, before it even gets here

The last thing we need to ensure the survival of the species through progress is to start doubting technology before we even try it out.

I know that may sound contradictory, but I assume that everyone knows by now that everything is possible via technology, it’s just a case of how and when. That’s why it chaffs my hide when people some out with all sorts of naysaying… After all the theorizing that Michael Alcubierre has done to advance the cause of Warp Drives, some scientists have to start prematurely shutting the notion down. In the cleverlly titled Quantum setback for warp drives, once again that eternal gremlin, quantum mechanics, causes trouble. Quantum mechanics always seem to be striving to throw logic out of the window on it’s way to create a crazy new universal order. We need to do away with these nutty theories, and make the world safe for warp speed once again!

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