The Death Dealer meets his maker.

Out looking around for more Frazetta desktop pictures, as I am inclined to do occasionally, I can upon the news that Frank passed away this week. While I suppose that it’s not exactly a tragedy as he was 82, it is still sad news. He was certainly the greatest artist of the, um, “dark violent fantasy warrior genre” (certainly a few notches above his contemporary Boris) and he was a major icon of my youth. (NYT Obit: Frank Frazetta dies at 82).

While I am still quite fond of his art, with my fixation on fantasy role playing back in the day, Frazetta’s art was very inspirational in my teenage years, and quite ubiquitous due to my reading and re-reading of the the classic Conan novels and seeing all of those early Molly Hatchet album covers. He was probably the most iconic figure of fantasy art during the early 1980’s and remains very inspirational to this day, especially his Death Dealer series.

While I love the Death Dealer as much as the next guy, I admit that my favorite image of his is probably Flesh Eaters, just for its dark and evil goodness.

But the one that comes to mind the most would have to be Silver Warrior as I clearly recall one day in the early 80’s when I saw a big tour bus parked in front of the Hilton Hotel, the side of which was adorned with a huge rendition of the Silver Warrior. At the time it seemed like the most awesome thing I had even seen and when I took a look at the front of the bus, what band name did I see there but Molly Hatchet. Nice.

As a memorial, I’ll be using Frazetta for my desktop for a while and now I really want one of these statues… Hint hint…

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