Upgrade, schmupgrade… or We Fear Change.

So I’ve been troubled for months by the most recent Last.fm upgrade. I upgraded it at the beginning of November and, ever since, scrobbling my iPod plays has been hit or miss. Sometimes it won’t happen at all, sometimes it takes an hour, sometimes only some of the songs scrobble… The process got more elaborate […]

Now here we go! 30 Days, 30 Songs: day three

Day 3: A song that makes you happy The most obvious choice here has to be Boston with Peace of Mind! Though I can’t help but think of the late, great Brad Delp whenever I hear them now, thier whole first album has always worked to perk me up… But especially Peace of Mind.

Um, yeah… No. 30 Days, 30 Songs: day two

Sort of. Okay, I totally spaced this out yesterday… So maybe I’m not off to the best start… And then I have to go and get all serious and down with this entry. I don’t mean to, you know… But I just have to in this case… Day 2: Least Favorite Song. Firstly, let me […]

Excuses, excuses. aka… 30 days, 30 songs: day one

This is all a ridiculous idea. Firstly I don’t much like the questions and, secondly, picking just one song for each of these will be trying… But, here goes! For those that don’t recall, this is my stab at the Facebook 30 Days 30 Songs Challenge. Day 1: Favorite Song. Currently my favorite song is […]