Not too bookish.

I thought that this was a disturbing piece of information that I discovered via the Powell’s Books blog: Big city left with no bookstore. The story is that Barnes & Noble closed the B. Dalton’s Bookstore (B. Dalton’s? Seriously? I had no idea that those stores still existed) that was in a mall in Laredo, […]

Who has time to work…

when you’re immersed in Media (TV, Video Games, Web Browsing) for seven and a half hours a day? Following up yet another link on Slashdot, I ended up at an article at International Business Times (Youth plugged in nearly most of the day) that was one a new study by the Program For The Study […]

“Science is physics; everything else is postage stamp collecting.”

There are some exciting new twists (well, new to me anyway) to one of my favorite subjects: The impending doom possibly brought on us by the Large Hadron Collider. In the eternal case against it that never seems to move forward, the angles of destruction seem to be more interesting than I had imagined. Not […]