There and back again.

I am sure that we all recall my exciting computer history: Using a 7-year old PowerMac on a dinky 15″ gateway LCD monitor, then buying a happy little 22″ LCD for it and immersing myself in that glory… Then buying a Toshiba Vista laptop for school related work. Well, that was all going around fine […]

The blackest of vinyl

Not that this will be much of a surprise to many of use, but in 2009 the sales of Vinyl LP’s is at the highest level that it’s been since they’ve been tracked separately from cd’s in 1991. Okay, so they aren’t even one percent, but I still like it! Strangely, nearly my entire history […]

What is wrong with the internet…

Is the ability for people to put things out into it. One fine example is the following. This was copied from a product review page at NewEgg (here) : iNDiFiNiTY Pros: i wrote sumthin b4 but i thought of new important things n plus i got nuttin to do… lol it got da free space […]