I had planned on ignoring it…

As I ignore everything that is quite that dumb. But while browsing around today I stumbled on an article from a NASA scientist that was responding to some of the stupid questions that he has received about fears they have delveoped because of the movie 2012. Sure, it is irrtating to read about just how […]

Deep delvings…

After so many years of mildly seeking out Phillip and His Foetus Vibrations, not only have I located an electronic copy (no, certainly not as good as the real thing, but one mustn’t hope too high)… But in the process I have found yet more blogs that must be perused from head to toe: I […]

The big big world

And in yet another example of the Earth showing off how much bigger than us she is… Well, maybe that’s what she’d be thinking if she had any concern for us at all… It looks like she is making herself another ocean. Sure, maybe none of us will be around to see it, maybe no […]

Here we go again

Okay, so I am trying out Windows Live Writer again. I used it last year for some blog, I forget which, and I recall liking it. Since this blog is always somewhat difficult for me to access (I think due to how I have the domain set up), I figured that I’d just give this […]

Preach on, and on and on….

Matching with my mixed feelings about digital media, I found this BBC article to be fairly interesting: The Golden Age of Infinite Music. The subtitle really says it all: “Not long ago, if you wanted music, you had to save up your pocket money, take a trip to the local record shop and lovingly leaf […]