Please, let’s send the RIAA away finally…

It’s an exciting week out here. caitlin is done with her job for the Tax department as of yesterday, today I started riding the route 2 commuter van, which was quite good, very convenient and fairly cheap, and then this week I have began the process of apply for college! This is easily the biggest […]

Who will give up the ghost first? The anti-LHC crowd, or the planet?

OKay, so few souls out there want to hear about the paranoia caused by the Large Hadron Collider. Who, after all, wants to imagine black holes eating away at the earth so that in a matter of time (Minutes? Hours? Days) there is nothing left of our little parade? I know that scientists love to […]

The world grows bigger

Finally! After the sacrifices we’ve made in the name of space (using a standard ratio 15″ LCD monitor for the last year or so), we finally stepped somewhat up to the plate. As our home monitor functions both as our TV/Movie viewing device and our computer monitor, the little screen was getting unbearable… Especially as […]

Truth be told

After all of my reluctance (and in fact, direspect) I have come to be a fan of The Wire. I will admit, in my own defence, that anytime in the first 6 or 7 episodes I could have stopped watching with nary a concern, but it really did start to come together after that and […]

The button down mind

There is an organizetion out the called the 251 club whose members seek to travel to each of Vermont’ 251 townships. While we have come no where near that goal (and in fact don’t even really have that as a goal) this busy weekend found us passing through around 21 of Vermont’s towns. It was […]