Decisions, decisions…

I spend way too much time trying to settle on a MP3 player on my computer. Though, due to us owning two iPods and two iPhones, iTunes is never far away, I am always trying to settle on some other program for just plain playing music. Even now, what with our AppleTv2 I am still […]

God save me…

Got the mail today… Recently I been browsing the MusicDirect Fall sale catalog and ogling the Denon DP-A100 Turntable (among other things) that is currently 40% off. Well, so today I got their full 2012 catalog. Oh trinity!! Pages of wondrous turntable, Tube amps, headphone,s speakers, accessories and an extensive selection of great vinyl reissues… […]

Vinyl bratt’s

Though, aside from two brief school related visits to the Grad School, I had only made it to Brattleboro once before… Six years ago. I have, since that visit, thought of Brattleboro as the place to go to shop for records… At least in the 2+ years I have lived in Vermont… So going down […]

Now here we go! 30 Days, 30 Songs: day three

Day 3: A song that makes you happy The most obvious choice here has to be Boston with Peace of Mind! Though I can’t help but think of the late, great Brad Delp whenever I hear them now, thier whole first album has always worked to perk me up… But especially Peace of Mind.

Um, yeah… No. 30 Days, 30 Songs: day two

Sort of. Okay, I totally spaced this out yesterday… So maybe I’m not off to the best start… And then I have to go and get all serious and down with this entry. I don’t mean to, you know… But I just have to in this case… Day 2: Least Favorite Song. Firstly, let me […]

Excuses, excuses. aka… 30 days, 30 songs: day one

This is all a ridiculous idea. Firstly I don’t much like the questions and, secondly, picking just one song for each of these will be trying… But, here goes! For those that don’t recall, this is my stab at the Facebook 30 Days 30 Songs Challenge. Day 1: Favorite Song. Currently my favorite song is […]

The blackest of vinyl

Not that this will be much of a surprise to many of use, but in 2009 the sales of Vinyl LP’s is at the highest level that it’s been since they’ve been tracked separately from cd’s in 1991. Okay, so they aren’t even one percent, but I still like it! Strangely, nearly my entire history […]

Deep delvings…

After so many years of mildly seeking out Phillip and His Foetus Vibrations, not only have I located an electronic copy (no, certainly not as good as the real thing, but one mustn’t hope too high)… But in the process I have found yet more blogs that must be perused from head to toe: I […]

Preach on, and on and on….

Matching with my mixed feelings about digital media, I found this BBC article to be fairly interesting: The Golden Age of Infinite Music. The subtitle really says it all: “Not long ago, if you wanted music, you had to save up your pocket money, take a trip to the local record shop and lovingly leaf […]

Please, let’s send the RIAA away finally…

It’s an exciting week out here. caitlin is done with her job for the Tax department as of yesterday, today I started riding the route 2 commuter van, which was quite good, very convenient and fairly cheap, and then this week I have began the process of apply for college! This is easily the biggest […]