The turn-coat… Admits it all.

Oh, yes, and as Jon has remineded me… I’ve turned towards the darkside. As we have no TV, all of our computing, TV and movie watching takes place on one glorious computer. A circa-2003 PowerMac G4. While I adore my little old computer, one is not enough for the desires of a fmaily of three… […]

One small step for mankind

Well, yes, the RIAA is still breathing its terrible, stinky breaths but… At least it looks like they have finally realized the DRM is a bad thing. As reported in TorrentFreak (of course, via Slashdot) DRM is Dead, RIAA Says, the RIAA’s spokesman is quoted in the following: Jonathan Lamy, chief spokesperson for the RIAA […]

The world grows bigger

Finally! After the sacrifices we’ve made in the name of space (using a standard ratio 15″ LCD monitor for the last year or so), we finally stepped somewhat up to the plate. As our home monitor functions both as our TV/Movie viewing device and our computer monitor, the little screen was getting unbearable… Especially as […]