God’s Maggot!!

Aiyee. So here we are. I have moved this blog from its tired old pseudo-spot at jotunheim.penguindevil.com to its own domain… So no more Jotunheim. But I don’t think I’ll change anything else about it… A somewhat more respectable location I think. Plus I hadn’t been doing anything with this domain anyways… Of course, I […]

Decisions, decisions…

I spend way too much time trying to settle on a MP3 player on my computer. Though, due to us owning two iPods and two iPhones, iTunes is never far away, I am always trying to settle on some other program for just plain playing music. Even now, what with our AppleTv2 I am still […]

Ah yes… Broadband

At hope, ready to bask in the glory that is our homes rendition of the modern technologies of Broadband and Wifi. Not to imply that they aren’t really broadband and wifi, they are. But they just don’t work as one might expect. I had been thinking about playing some MMORPG, but after logging on, I […]

Upgrade, schmupgrade… or We Fear Change.

So I’ve been troubled for months by the most recent Last.fm upgrade. I upgraded it at the beginning of November and, ever since, scrobbling my iPod plays has been hit or miss. Sometimes it won’t happen at all, sometimes it takes an hour, sometimes only some of the songs scrobble… The process got more elaborate […]

Like? Dislike? Eh, who cares…

After the newest last.fm update came down my wires a couple of days ago, I found myself unable to scrobble from my iPod. And generally unable to scrobble from itunes at all. Now I am used to these sort of intermittent problems with last.fm’s software, so what always throws me off in times like these […]

Rotting of the brain…

Just when I thought that I had finally come to terms with using wireless technologies (meaning not having screaming and sweaty nightmares of the wireless signals drawing blood out of my eyes and turning my limbs to pus) they have to go and one-up themselves again? Now I learn that when I’m 52 I’m going […]

Add some more Kindling…

So to make a long story short (but then long again) I received a Kindle for me birthday last week. As a person who has a hard time separating the physical aspect of my media from the content, I admit that I hadn’t really given the Kindle much thought prior to this. I have never […]

Who has time to work…

when you’re immersed in Media (TV, Video Games, Web Browsing) for seven and a half hours a day? Following up yet another link on Slashdot, I ended up at an article at International Business Times (Youth plugged in nearly most of the day) that was one a new study by the Program For The Study […]

There and back again.

I am sure that we all recall my exciting computer history: Using a 7-year old PowerMac on a dinky 15″ gateway LCD monitor, then buying a happy little 22″ LCD for it and immersing myself in that glory… Then buying a Toshiba Vista laptop for school related work. Well, that was all going around fine […]

What is wrong with the internet…

Is the ability for people to put things out into it. One fine example is the following. This was copied from a product review page at NewEgg (here) : iNDiFiNiTY Pros: i wrote sumthin b4 but i thought of new important things n plus i got nuttin to do… lol it got da free space […]