Magic protective sex rocks?

So in the midst of people mispronouncing Oregon yesterday, I had a word flash through my mind, or well, the notion of a word as I remembered the existence of a word, but was unable to remember the word itself. After many failed googles I finally emailed my mother with what information I had… So […]


Honestly, I think I was first drawn to Lovecraft by the Whelan series of covers of the Del Rey mass markets of the early 80’s. Lovecraft has been heaped with a healthy selection of great cover art over the years, from the beginning of his publishing to the current day. I recall a great website […]

Add some more Kindling…

So to make a long story short (but then long again) I received a Kindle for me birthday last week. As a person who has a hard time separating the physical aspect of my media from the content, I admit that I hadn’t really given the Kindle much thought prior to this. I have never […]