Ah yes… Broadband

At hope, ready to bask in the glory that is our homes rendition of the modern technologies of Broadband and Wifi. Not to imply that they aren’t really broadband and wifi, they are. But they just don’t work as one might expect. I had been thinking about playing some MMORPG, but after logging on, I […]

Vinyl bratt’s

Though, aside from two brief school related visits to the Grad School, I had only made it to Brattleboro once before… Six years ago. I have, since that visit, thought of Brattleboro as the place to go to shop for records… At least in the 2+ years I have lived in Vermont… So going down […]

Team spirit…

Sometimes, as I get a couple of hours into my shift at work, I wonder if I will actually go the entire work day without exchanging any words with, or coming face-to-face, either one of the other members of my department. Honestly, it never actually happens, as my boss always makes sure to at least […]

Here’s a thought…

Let’s abandon all of these facebook, myspace,flickr, picasa, creepster(?) Google+ sites! Those sites that are set up as “free”, so that they can just get you to sell yourself off. You know, the same way that broadcast television used to be free. Ever wonder why industries that give away their products for free could make […]

Talk about Schmupgrade…

Seemingly, this new version of WordPress has decided that it wants to remove all spaces after commas. I find that very unsightly. Word to the wise, before upgrading anything, always do a google search to see if there are any issues with the newest version. Update: seemingly the problem is actually with this theme. Regardless, […]

Endlessly intriguing.

One thing that I must say that I like about Vermont (aside from the lack of roadside advertising, which is reason enough to live here), is the crazy notion of the New England town. When I first met my wife, it took me months (literally) to really get my head around how completely different things […]

Hot and Nasty…

Not that I think much of being a coffee consumer, I must admit that I am one. Though my scope is generally limited to the free coffee at work and French-pressed Chock Full O’ Nuts during the weekend at home…I do still have my standards. I am, after all, at work where the general public […]

Upgrade, schmupgrade… or We Fear Change.

So I’ve been troubled for months by the most recent Last.fm upgrade. I upgraded it at the beginning of November and, ever since, scrobbling my iPod plays has been hit or miss. Sometimes it won’t happen at all, sometimes it takes an hour, sometimes only some of the songs scrobble… The process got more elaborate […]

Now here we go! 30 Days, 30 Songs: day three

Day 3: A song that makes you happy The most obvious choice here has to be Boston with Peace of Mind! Though I can’t help but think of the late, great Brad Delp whenever I hear them now, thier whole first album has always worked to perk me up… But especially Peace of Mind.

Um, yeah… No. 30 Days, 30 Songs: day two

Sort of. Okay, I totally spaced this out yesterday… So maybe I’m not off to the best start… And then I have to go and get all serious and down with this entry. I don’t mean to, you know… But I just have to in this case… Day 2: Least Favorite Song. Firstly, let me […]