just like real life.

Sometimes, I wonder. I have had glasses for two years, which I mainly got due to the terrible headaches that I developed during my “stare at the screens under florescent lighting” workdays. I can safely say that they have made a big improvement. The headaches have gone, for the most part, but I still have […]

oh, bother…

Why am I, nearly nine years after my first blog post (All the fake all the time), staring at the Add New Post editor again? There have been a number (6, 7, 8?) of blogs that I’ve started in those years, most of which went nowhere. Realizing I’ve had nothing to say seemed to not […]

God’s Maggot!!

Aiyee. So here we are. I have moved this blog from its tired old pseudo-spot at jotunheim.penguindevil.com to its own domain… So no more Jotunheim. But I don’t think I’ll change anything else about it… A somewhat more respectable location I think. Plus I hadn’t been doing anything with this domain anyways… Of course, I […]

Magic protective sex rocks?

So in the midst of people mispronouncing Oregon yesterday, I had a word flash through my mind, or well, the notion of a word as I remembered the existence of a word, but was unable to remember the word itself. After many failed googles I finally emailed my mother with what information I had… So […]


Well, with all my whining about advertising and the evils of microsoft, apple, facebook and google, i decided that i would try out a new years resolution… Which is: To stop using internet services that support themselves by datamining their users. To this end, i want to stop all usage of: Google.com (while logged into […]

Decisions, decisions…

I spend way too much time trying to settle on a MP3 player on my computer. Though, due to us owning two iPods and two iPhones, iTunes is never far away, I am always trying to settle on some other program for just plain playing music. Even now, what with our AppleTv2 I am still […]

God save me…

Got the mail today… Recently I been browsing the MusicDirect Fall sale catalog and ogling the Denon DP-A100 Turntable (among other things) that is currently 40% off. Well, so today I got their full 2012 catalog. Oh trinity!! Pages of wondrous turntable, Tube amps, headphone,s speakers, accessories and an extensive selection of great vinyl reissues… […]


As I am sure I all well notorious for, I harbor a general dislike for all web browsers, email clients and media players. I recall ones I liked back in the day (Netscape Navigator, Eudora and Soundjam), but those are all long gone (or just too long in the tooth)… So I spend many and […]

Those halcyon days of yore…

Finally, you can all relax… It is time for the long awaited follow-up to my Freaky Freaks post of a year and a half ago! This was actually brought on though by the news at they.mislead.us that this is Play A New RPG Month! And, yes, this topic is actually something that I do ponder […]

Pry it from my cold, dead hands… AKA, Rest in peace

Ah, well. Though it has been long expected, I still feel a bit stunned about the passing of Steve Jobs. I have watched quite a bit of “American Morning” this day and have been taking in the coverage of Steve’s passing. This mass popular recognition of Jobs, while profoundly deserved, is (lamely) somewhat irritating to […]